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Chiara Bello

As a little girl growing up in Italy Chiara loved animals and kids' illustrations. With a fun and lively personality she was always looking to make everyone around her happy through her stories and her jokes. She later combined her humor with her passion for illustration and design to create a single piece of jewelry, essentially asking the question, 'Can high-end jewelry be fun and quirky, with a sense of humor?' 

Animal-Inspired Fine Jewelry

Chiara Bello is an Italian jewelry designer, currently based in Genova, and is the creator of the Chic Pig Jewelry label. Always wanting to put a smile on people's faces, Chiara wanted her jewelry to do the same. 

Her jewelry collections consist of fun, colorful animal characters, each with it's own name and personality. Every single piece is handmade by Italian jewelry craftsmen, using the old and fascinating enamel technique.

Trained in design engineering at the Royal College of Art in London, Chiara masterfully sketches her pieces with one goal in mind, they should be funny, original and they need to make you smile! 

Through her meticulously-crafted fine jewelry pieces, that can make you smile and fall in love with Lulu the Goose or Betta the Frog instantly, we all have the answer to her initial question!