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Mara Colecchia

Maracole is the creator of Maracole Bijoux, a line of hand-woven ornaments made exclusively with fine Japanese seed beads and repurposed Vintage lucite beads from the seventies 

Hand Woven Ornaments

Designer Mara Colecchia on IndieFaves
Mara Colecchia

Combining the most contemporary design with bead-weaving - one amongst the most ancient crafts in various cultures from all over the world - Maracole has been able to create delightfully crafted collars, that are available for fashion styling, runways and boutiques.

Each and every necklace branded Maracole is hand-woven in the USA and it requires from 10 to 40 hours of work for completion.

Maracole says about her designs:

“Attention to details, high manufacturing and bright colors are distinctive traits of Maracole Bijoux. I am mostly inspired by contemporary art, by designers from the Bauhaus movement, and by ethnic ornaments from all over the world. Repurposing vintage lucite beads from 1970 is a passion of mine, which underlies my dedication in creating a sustainable life cycle for my jewelry. For this particular reason, I place my brand in the realm of eco-sustainable fashion. For the same reason, my collections are limited editions, and the number of pieces available for sale varies according to the amount of vintage beads in stock.”