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Madrid - Spain

May Gañán

 "Art has always been a trigger for me and creativity an essential tool for my life. With my jewelry and paintings I try to convey a poetic narrative made of colors, textures and shapes. Every art expression resonates on me. I am inspired by any genuine action that brings out the uniqueness of a human being."

Sculptural, Poetic Jewelry

Jewelry Designer May Ganan on IndieFaves

Journalist, jewelry artist, writer, photographer and illustrator - Madrid based designer May Gañán pursues visual poems through jewelry, writing, photos and paintings.

She was portrayed in the book  “Creative Women” from Grela Bravo, 2017, featuring 25 women working on different fields of creativity 

As a journalist, May has extensive experience working for Telecinco Broadcast News on Culture, Cinema and Art. As a photographer her work has been exhibited in Madrid and Barcelona. As a jeweller, her work has been exhibited in Italy and Spain. 

May's collections include day to day jewelry as well as one-of-a -kind art jewelry.

She applies jewelry techniques to build up art pieces which can not only be displayed on the human body but also exhibited as sculpture or painting hanging from the wall.

"My pieces are organically shaped. Through them I try to convey a personal feeling about color, rhythm and poetry to relate with them. In most of my pieces precious stones are replaced by unique hand painting or drawing pictures to bring a final and unique signature to the piece."