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Customize your jewelry collections with an innovative shopping experience. You can see the options available for each jewelry piece while having the flexibility to build their own. View true-to-life digital simulation of your future jewelry pieces. 


Starting to create objects when I was a little girl, I get inspired everyday by nature around and daily life to transform its perceptions into tangible pieces, through fire and metals. I also considers every little detail as something key to create a piece that is rare and so unique.

Anja Berg - Barcelona

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As a little girl growing up in Italy Chiara loved animals and kids' illustrations. With a fun and lively personality she was always looking to make everyone around her happy through her stories and her jokes. She later combined her humor with her passion for illustration and design to create her fine jewelry label, essentially asking the question, 'Can high-end jewelry be fun and quirky, with a sense of humor?' 

Chiara Bello - Valenza

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I am mostly inspired by contemporary art, by designers from the Bauhaus movement, and by ethnic ornaments from all over the world. Repurposing vintage lucite beads from 1970 is a passion of mine, which underlies my dedication in creating a sustainable life cycle for my jewelry. For this particular reason, I place my brand in the realm of eco-sustainable fashion. For the same reason, my collections are limited editions, and the number of pieces available for sale varies according to the amount of vintage beads in stock.

Mara Colecchia - California

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I want my work to be eye-catching and feel as if it was unearthed from a mysterious world of beauty and fantasy ... as if these pieces had been dredged up from the sea from a mermaid’s lair, arousing curiosity and desire.”

Pauletta Brooks - New York



Melisa's brand Germ Jewelry is truly rooted in the concept of using nature and it's flowing shapes for inspiration. Germ means 'seed' and therefore the name refers to the belief in the importance of nature and human imagination as a vehicle for creative ideas, as implied by the phrase 'A germ of an idea'.

Melisa Mocue - London

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My work is an exploration of the relationship between environment and identity, illustrating individual experiences and stories to further research identity and space. Through the use of layering and watercolor, my pieces take on a whimsical and playful nature as they record and re-enact unique and fleeting moments of time. Using elements of perspective I leave the pieces up to interpretation, allowing the viewer to project his own individual experience and path in the imagery of my work.

Andrea Rosales Balcarcel - Pennsylvania

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In Nature we find organic forms and geometric structures, and this is the starting point of my work. I cut, combine and repeat elements looking for the beauty of shapes. The transformation of these elements into metals is made through fire. To experience how metals change through fusion and how enamel behaves through fire are really magical process to observe.

Soraya Camacho - Madrid

* Complutense University Madrid- Bachelor of Fine Arts

* Art School 3 - Artistic Goldsmithing and  Artistic enamel on fire with metals

* Ana Chantre Workshop – Goldsmith & Contemporary Design

* Spanish Gemological Institute - 3D Modelling

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Movement and fluidity are the key elements in my pieces. The character and direction of a line has the power to communicate emotion and states of mind. Line, along with form, weight and balance are key components that ensure a piece of jewelry resonates with the human form. This line can be best expressed in my work through techniques of metal-forming and shaping.

Ayesha Mayadas - New Jersey

Rochester Institute of Technology - Metals

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As a self-taught jewelry designer, I feel that my lack of formal training and adherence to rules allows me to take more risks with my work. A daydreamer by nature, I love forming and finishing by hand, which makes me feel good about the pieces I create and allows me to listen letting the materials speak. The shapes that emerge are an expression of her life, natural in a loose, free-form way that highlights the beauty in each finely handcrafted piece.

Emma Lalumandier - Virginia


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It is my aim to make a design concept that invites you to be creative and to take part in the design process. EMSO design is a modular design concept inspired by architecture which allows you to build and transform your very own piece of jewelry for a personal and unique statement.

Else Maria Ohlsen - Denmark

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Through my pieces I search for elegance and strength. I work with geometric shapes, combining straight lines and curves to generate volumes with the belief that one can’t live without the other, and that our own existence is based on the balance of opposites. This is what I try to convey in my work, beauty and harmony as a whole, as a shape.

Iraia Aizcorbe - Spain

* Lalabeyou Contemporary Jewelry School - Jewelry Techniques

* Ana Chantre School - Jewelry Specialization

* Escuela Arte 3 Madrid - Enamelist Specialization

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My jewelry exposes the beauty around us and adorns with the natural elegance often overlooked.  I want to honor our blue-green planet which inspires us to explore, discover and create. My products are created using recycled silver and a portion of all the proceeds are donated towards protecting what we love - our Earth's oceans.

Lucia Hamilton - New York

University of Houston - Architecture

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I take inspiration from an array of inter-disciplines including film, visual art and sculpture to form unique pieces of jewelry. Prevailing themes in my work include otherness, fetishism and the macabre. Human form is also an evident influence throughout my practice and many interpret my works to be an extension of the body. I believe the darkness of my designs juxtsposes the classically British craftsmanship. 

Conor Joseph - London

Central Saint Martins College of Art - Jewelry Design

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The steel I used to take during my childhood to built swords, arches and structures for my little articulate soldiers, are in the foundation of my jewelry works. It is a kind of fetish material to me. I use it as a mechano. Industrial design, architecture, minimilism and sculpture are linked into my pieces inspiring volumes and lines.

Luis Sutil - Spain


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I'm a traditionally trained silver- and goldsmith who uses contemporary techniques. I'm fascinated with nature, so I seek my inspiration in it's beauty. I have always thought that the jewellery that you wear identifies you, and because of that my pieces are devised with some kind of a genetic code that changes from one collection to another but keeps an underlying theme.

Maria Milla - Spain

* Lalabeyou Contemporary Jewelry School - Jewelry Training

* Ana Chantre School - Jewelry Specialization 

* Spanish Gemmological Institute - Professional Gemmologist

* FEEG -  European Gemmologist

* Expertise in - Diamond Graduation,  Graduation of Colored Stones 

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Art has always been a trigger for me and creativity an essential tool for my life. With my jewelry and paintings I try to convey a poetic narrative made of colors, textures and shapes. Every art expression resonates on me. I am inspired by any genuine action that brings out the uniqueness of a human being.

May Ganan - Spain

* Lalabeyou Contemporary Jewelry School - Jewelry Techniques
* Ana Chantre School - Jewelry Specialization
* Vogue Award Winner on Creativity - Milan Fashion Week 2018

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When I first discovered the world of 3D printing, and the possibilities it creates for jewelry designers, I dove right in. To be able to design things from metal was extraordinary. It didn’t matter that I needed to learn a computer program (Rhino, T-Splines etc), I was focused and driven to learn how to do it.

Minna Kao - New York

* University of Texas - Textiles and Apparel
* Parsons the New School for Design - Fashion Design

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Drawing something free-hand and watching it convert into something tangible and wearable is the most beautiful thing when it comes to designing accessories. There are very few rules and limitations when it comes to making your jewelry idea come to life. My design philosophy is creating multi-dimensional, statement pieces that can be recycled in various ways.

Shafaq Saeed - California


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Consider our pieces to be the special elements in your jewelry arsenal. The ones you wear to feel powerful, to feel strong, to feel magical, to feel mystical. Each design was chosen and created by us because we felt an affinity for the animal, and then went the next step further to fabricate/manipulate it to work with the human form.

Zoe Cope & Ashley Lagasse - Oregon

* Academy of Art University - Metal and Jewelry Arts
* Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School of Florence Italy - Metal and Jewelry Arts

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I have always enjoyed working with my hands. Once I create the metal form, I connect organic materials, like wool felt. I hand needle-felt wool roving (fibers) directly onto the metal form as its centerpiece, which brings attention to the organic world as precious. I appreciate that the roles seem reversed: rather than the strong metal holding the centerpiece in prongs or a setting, the wool fibers entangle around the metal wires holding on to the metal form. In addition, I enjoy contrasting materials - soft and hard, organic and metallic, dark and light. My designs are simple, wearable and intriguing, inspiring close examination as curious art objects and fascinating jewelry.

Susan Drews Watkins - California

* Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts – Jewelry Techniques

* San Jose State University – BFA and MFA, Mixed Media Sculpture, Installation and Performance Art

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Alchimia really shaped my aesthetic, and I learned a lot about different ways of telling a story on what you make. When I was younger I really loved archaeology, being an adventurer and a treasure hunter, so looking at my Eon rings reminds me of something you could find on a dig-site somewhere, made thousands of years ago. The Wanderer series reminds me of dry patch of dirt all cracked up in the desert. With so many mass produced items out there, it's about educating everyone about what's handmade and what's one-off. A lot of men tell me that they don't wear jewelry but mine is pretty cool. It makes you feel that you are doing something right in appealing to an audience that generally don't have much choice. I enjoy that fact that my jewelry speaks to people.

Albert Tse - Sydney

* Alchimia Italy Contemporary Jewellery School -  Jewellery Manufacturing

* Men's Contemporary Accessories & Jewellery Award Winner -  2017 Sydney International Jewellery Fair

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I think of jewelry as wearable art, influenced by Japanese aesthetics, I strive that each one of my pieces reflects the search for a simple, organic and subtle beauty. Nature has always been my constant and my inspiration, with river rocks, leaves, buds and twigs I want to celebrate the gorgeousness of life’s imperfections. My work combines old world craftsmanship with contemporary design and I hope it conveys the care and devotion with which it was made.

Mara Soriano - Spain

* Lalabeyou Contemporary Jewelry School - Jewelry Design

* Ana Chantre Workshop – Goldsmith & Contemporary Design

* Spanish Gemological Institute- Certified Gemologist Appraiser

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I notice the world around me and the dimensions it offers me to create my jewelry. Nature satisfies my restlessness. I get inspiration from itself, it's shapes, it's textures and it's colors, then I carry them into my pieces creating organic jewels, each with it's own character that looks for a balance between sophistication and naturalness.

Elena Pérez - Spain

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The idea of [pa de do] was born on the background with the problems of architectural monuments in a modernism, brutalism and constructivism style, which we have in Ukraine a lot. My idea is to create jewelry with a use of building materials like isolation material, facade stucco, facade paint in modernism and futurism shapes, which inspire me every time in my architectural practice. I want to hang architecture on the necks, little contemporary sculptures, which will give the impetus to think about: “what we already have, and what we could do with it?” Through my accessories, I want to bring attention to important questions like multifunction, reconstruction, recycling. To the aesthetics of simple forms of modernism, to the imperfections and flaws each of us. I want people to not throw away what they have, only because it’s damaged or is in a bad state, but try to reinvigorate it, reuse and restore, or change the function of it.

Asya Gulak - Ukraine

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My pieces are the fusion resulting from my years of work from high-end jewelry to a more personal and contemporary design. I create pieces inspired by both as, while my professional career developed in a goldsmith workshop, contemporary jewelry swept me off my feet when working as head of the design department in an Italian company. These two important influences lead me to consider a jewel as a sculpture, where less is more, and small details have the main part. The volume is my obsession and behind all this, a story to tell...

Ana Ruiz Chantre - Spain

* Escuela Arte 3 Madrid - Design on Jewelry

* J. Luis Sánchez Infante Workshop Madrid - High-end Jewelry Specialization

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I create accessories from wood and pay great attention to the ecological sustainability of materials. NATURA accessories have everything you need to create a graceful image without additional effort. The culture and nature of Siberia is the ideological basis for the Natura jewelry. The smooth bends of the rivers, endless forests and sheer cliffs are reflected in the accessories, endowing them with completely unique energy, and their owners with indescribable sensations of purity and naturalness.

Evgeniya Korovina - Siberia

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As an artist each project is research and is learning… I’m interested in the material, I’m interested in the concept, one thing leads me to the other. The project is based on questions that I answer with a dialogue between the material and my hands.

Gemma Canal - Barcelona

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Andrea Bertolino & Raquel Ramos - Spain

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Monom is a brand that manages to assert its strength with astute elegance and subtle refinement. We create architectures that once dressed, potentiate the exquisite contrast between geometry and the organic. You are invited to read into every shape and its dialogue with the body, to indulge in the sweet talk between well constructed edges and the magnificence of the organic forms.

Monom is a story that highlights and articulates your individuality and gives it a sensible form.

Georgiana Ciceo - Romania

* Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - Faculty of Architecture 

* Assamblage School of Contemporary Jewelry Bucharest - Casting

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Kimili is a jewelry brand from Georgia specializing in Cloisonné Enamel. This is an ancient technique used for decorating metalwork objects. Georgian cloisonné enamel dates back more than 1,200 years. Kimili is wearable art, created by upcoming young Georgian designers ready to break boundaries while preserving the centuries old tradition. Kimili combines current fashion trends into jewelry, creating colorful, vibrant and patterned collections.

Diana Khutsishvili - Georgia

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My focus is on the materials glass and porcelain. Two noble materials that demand a lot of dedication and patience in their workmanship. In combination with precious metals, but also organic materials, such as the ivory-like walnut, I create modern works of art.

Anne Menzel - Germany

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I create original, elegant, contemporary, hand-made jewellery designs, as well as custom designs. T- SQUARED is influenced by architecture, geometric lines and minimalism. The shapes are edgy and monochromatic, yet very dainty. 

Tami Eshed - Tel Aviv

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I live in a small and remote part of Norway, mountainous and scarcely inhabited due to its inhospitable landscape. This is my wilderness, and where I draw my inspiration. My background in folk-art and folklore is fundamental to my designs, as I freely interpret these traditional forms, materials, themes and techniques.

Linn Sigrid Bratland - Edland

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