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A Fully-Managed E-Commerce Store

Our mission is to support independent and emerging brands

A Fully-Managed E-Commerce Store to Sell or Simply Display Your Collections!

At IndieFaves, we want you to spend your valuable time creating beautiful collections, and leave the rest to us.

We are an all-inclusive platform that takes care of all your business needs, and helps you connect with a global audience. Our team consists of independent designers and artists, so we definitely understand your challenges. 

Our mission at IndieFaves has always been to help indie designers stay ahead of the changing consumer and e-commerce trends, in an affordable and efficient manner.

Pricing Table

Pricing and feature information for all Indiefaves plans

What's Included:

All the basics for listing a few select pieces for sales.



$9.99 per month

*$50.00 store setup fee



Plan providing options for growing your business.


$29.99 per month

*$50.00 store setup fee


Plan providing advanced features for scaling your business.


$49.99 per month

*$50.00 store setup fee





A fully-managed brand store

Up to 10 items for display and sales Up to 20 items for display and sales Up to 40 items for display and sales

Notifications and support for customer activity and sales

Included Included Included

Sales fulfillment, returns, storage and maintenance

Included Included Included

24/7 Customer support

Included Included Included

Personalized marketing email, campaign or survey

One per month Up to two per month Up to four per month

Data and insights on customer behavior and market trends are included in this plan

Add $5.00 Add $5.00 Included





We will help you track customer behavior and gain insights into key trends for a winning customer retention strategy.


We will provide the technology, logistics and fulfillment services to help you thrive as an independent brand.



Important FAQs

Q: What is IndieFaves?
  • A fully-managed e-commerce site focused exclusively on global independent designers.
  • We provide the technology, logistics, fulfillment and other managed services to help independent brands thrive.
  • We track e-commerce trends, latest technology and customer behavior to help you grow despite the ever-changing technology and e-commerce landscape.
  • We manage your web store, marketing and every other aspect of your business so you can focus on creating.
Q: How many items can I have for sale?
Q: Do you charge for each sale?
  • We charge a 10% commission on each sale of item that can be reproduced, and 15% commission on a one time sale of a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.
Q: Do you only ship to the USA or worldwide? Do I have to be in the United States to participate?
  • We ship worldwide except to Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii can get really expensive up to $130.00 for a small 1 lb package.
  • You do not have to be in the United States since we represent designers from all over the world.
Q: Who pays for shipping?
  • The designer pays for shipping above a minimum order amount.
  • The customer pays for shipping for orders below that minimum amount.
  • The customer always pays for Two-Day, Overnight, Same Day or Express Shipping.
Q: How do you calculate the shipping costs?
  • We provide a general price range for the shipping costs at checkout. Standard shipping above a certain price point is free for the customer.
  • E.g. We offer free standard or first class shipping above $25.00 within the United States and above $200.00 worldwide.
  • Customer always pays for Two-Day, Overnight, Same Day or Express Shipping.
  • We encourage designers to find out the best shipping service to each continent from the location of shipping origin (where the item will be shipped from).
  • For items that are heavier, it is helpful to provide the weight for us to be able to calculate accurate shipping costs upon checkout. Most jewelry weights the same but due to the unique nature of some pieces, weight is helpful.

To schedule a one-on-one call to discuss your needs or if you have questions, please email us at or