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What We Do


  • Bring technology to the forefront of the indie designer industry.
  • Provide a platform for talented independent designers to reach a global audience.
  • Provide a cost-effective way for consumers to experiment with the latest trends and unique designer pieces.
  • Connect independent designers with retail and wholesale buyers on a single platform.


IndieFaves is focused on the utilization of innovative technology solutions within the indie design industry, thereby transforming how the independent designers are connecting with a global audience. Technology is fast-changing the entire fashion industry and we are the pioneers in leading this industry for global indie designers.


Some of the ways we are transforming the industry include renting and selling unique pieces created by designers to allow consumers to try and connect with their work, providing relevant benchmarks and insights to help designers attract and keep customers, sharing the behind-the-scenes journeys of indie designers to enable the audience to understand the passion and personal stories behind these smaller brands, offering custom- designed virtual products based on consumer preferences, providing multi-channel marketing opportunities and connecting global designer and wholesale buyers on a single platform through an efficient ordering process.

“From Augmented Reality and 3D Renderings to Social Media Commerce and Revolutionary Digital Experiences, the Countless Innovations Within Technology Are Continually Reshaping the World We Live In Today—And It’s Time for Fashion to Get on Board.” Matthew Drinkwater - Head of the Fashion Innovation Agency at The London College of Fashion.

More than a company, we are providing an ecosystem for experimentation, creation and collaboration to provide the savvy global fashion consumer a new and unique experience with fashion.

Technology and innovation are not always a priority for emerging designer businesses, who are primarily focused on creation and business development, and even though the traditional model for designing and selling is being questioned, indie brands find the idea of change a bit destabilizing. This results in defaulting to the older, expensive and antiquated way of doing business.

IndieFaves is focused on raising technology awareness among these brands, educating them on how technology is shifting the fashion industry and giving them data and insights on make intelligent strategic decisions about their businesses. We want to help brands engage with emerging technologies in a more direct and simpler manner, thereby providing them greater opportunities to get in front of relevant consumers.

As social media continues to become one of the most powerful tools for customer engagement and sales, we want to help designers navigate these new avenues with minimum risk and the least amount of personal investment.

At the end of the day, we want indie designers to embrace technology, and we make it easier for them to do so!