IndieFaves Designers at Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair

We are ecstatic to share that two of our IndieFaves Designers, Asya Gulak ([Pa Dǝ Dø]) and Tami Eshed (T-SQUARED), were invited to showcase their work at this year’s International Contemporary Jewelry Fair, AUTOR, which took place in Bucharest on April 20th - 21st.


AUTOR is an exclusive scene for contemporary jewelry, concepts and encounters. It is a space for selected contemporary jewelry designers and artists to showcase both functional and conceptual approaches to wearing jewelry.


IndieFaves designer Asya Gulak
Asya at Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair, 2019. Photo Credit: Pa De Do

Asya Gulak is a Ukraine based jewelry designer who focuses on architecture to bring attention to important questions of multifunction, reconstruction, and recycling. Her mission is to support architectural monuments by demonstrating that the world can reinvigorate, reuse and restore, or change the function of something that is damaged instead of just throwing it all away.


Tami at Autor Contemporary Jewelry Fair, 2019. Photo Credit: Autor

Tami is an Israel based handmade jewelry designer who launched her label T-SQUARED in 2012. As she describes, “The ‘T’ represents her name and ‘Squared’ represents the modern, urban, geometrical design, philosophy and approach”. She creates original, elegant, contemporary and custom designs with the primary use of silver, gold, and brass; focusing on extravagant monochromatic, shapes, and styles but are wearable and dainty.

Tami Eshed Launching Soon!

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