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Why We Support Independent And Emerging Designers?

  IndieFaves was created with a singular goal, to support and empower independent brands and provide them opportunities to connect with a global audience. While many small to mid-size designer brands are excellent with creativity and production, a lack of resources to adequately manage their marketing, their website, their visuals such as product or editorial photography or simply time constraints prevent them from reaching their full potential, resulting in missed revenue. With ten plus years in the independent designer industry, the team behind IndieFaves first-hand experienced similar challenges and wanted to do something to bring the focus on the passion and effort placed by independent designers into their work. We wanted to bring the inspiration, personal stories and behind-the-scenes journeys...

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IndieFaves 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Here's Your 2019 Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide Freaking out because Christmas is just one week away and there are still cookies to bake, holiday movies to watch, and presents to buy? Luckily, IndieFaves has you covered, because what better way to show your appreciation than with a piece of artisan jewelry? No matter who you’re buying for, this gift guide is sure to give you something for everyone on your list!   FOR THE LOVER OF COLORFUL, BRIGHT AND SHINY OBJECTS   KIMILI brand from the country of Georgia is focused on preserving Cloisonné Enamel, an ancient technique used for decorating metalwork objects. Their vibrant and patterned collections are a must have for anyone who loves traditions, and of course beautiful jewelry....

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Everything You Need to Know About Rocking Architectural Jewelry

Everything You Need to Know About Rocking Architectural Jewelry   If you’re a jewelry enthusiast, you’ve probably noticed a few stark trends popping up lately -- designers using unconventional construction methods, leaving materials exposed, incorporating geometric shapes and patterns, and creating interactive pieces. All of these elements point to the emerging dominance of ‘Architectural Jewelry’; a distinct group within the Contemporary Jewelry category. Taking their inspiration from architects and engineers, architectural jewelry designers incorporate the same balance, precision and functionality into their creations, as you would find in the construction of buildings. Designers often use architectural principles of scale, dimension and proportion in a way that challenges perception and forces contemplation. Themes commonly found in architectural jewelry include use of...

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Working Contemporary Jewelry into Your Everyday Wardrobe

How To Incorporate Contemporary Jewelry Into Your Everyday Style Even for the most seasoned fashion professionals, trying to incorporate contemporary pieces into your everyday style can be a daunting task. It’s a difficult balance between showcasing a truly unique piece of jewelry and not feeling like a walking art exhibit. But as lovers of jewelry and all things artisan, at IndieFaves we've found a few tips and tricks that work for us. Here is a guide to seamlessly working contemporary jewelry into your current wardrobe--regardless of your personal style. Use It As A Pop Of Color Bring life to an otherwise one-dimensional outfit by adding a vibrant piece of jewelry, such as the Bronze Red Lips Necklace by May Gañán. While an...

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My Thoughts On Contemporary Jewelry

My Thoughts On Contemporary Jewelry MAY GAÑÁN  Image: IndieFaves - Milano Jewelry Week Demand for contemporary jewelry is on the rise, such that some of the largest cities around the world including New York, Paris, Munich, Athens and Barcelona are hosting yearly jewelry weeks, with Milan being the latest city to follow the trend by hosting their first ever jewelry week in October 2019. Tired as we all are of the globalization that detracts value and authenticity to everything that is exported around the world to be commercialized indiscriminately, interest in handcrafted art pieces is increasing as a reaction against this overcrowded mass market.  Image: IndieFaves Even though the demand exists with immediate rewards in the contemporary jewelry market, the process of reaching...

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