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Image: IndieFaves - Milano Jewelry Week

Demand for contemporary jewelry is on the rise, such that some of the largest cities around the world including New York, Paris, Munich, Athens and Barcelona are hosting yearly jewelry weeks, with Milan being the latest city to follow the trend by hosting their first ever jewelry week in October 2019. Tired as we all are of the globalization that detracts value and authenticity to everything that is exported around the world to be commercialized indiscriminately, interest in handcrafted art pieces is increasing as a reaction against this overcrowded mass market. 

Woman looking at contemporary jewelry in a box - IndieFaves
Image: IndieFaves
Even though the demand exists with immediate rewards in the contemporary jewelry market, the process of reaching that goal of bringing a unique piece to the market is rather long and labor intensive. The creation of a contemporary jewelry piece is a slow process that always take long time not only for the creation of the end product, but specially for the concept behind it when trying tho deliver something special and significant. 
"There is a need to bring contemporary pieces to the audience so people really have an opportunity to know that they exist, and from there can expand their aesthetic choices along with their chances of finding works that speak to them in a more intimate and direct way"
Which is why one the biggest challenges of contemporary jewelry makers is the fast-moving market, where consumers are following one trend after another, while artists and handcrafters are struggling to slowly develop their work. 
The panorama offered by contemporary jewelry is as vast as the different ways of seeing, creating and doing, to convey a design that tells a story or a journey belonging to the piece. To create a sustainable market for these pieces, first of all there is a need to bring those pieces, those universes, to the audience so people really have an opportunity to know that they exist, and only from there can people then decide to expand their aesthetic choices together with their chances of finding works that speak to them in a more intimate and direct way. In times when everything has become so homogenous, that is the main purpose for all of us who create a piece of jewelry from scratch and to try and reach others through our pieces.
Art Collectors at a contemporary jewelry show in Spain
Image: IndieFaves
"IndieFaves is showcasing the work from contemporary designers to bigger audiences"
It is always exciting to attend events and participate in exhibitions surrounded by artists from all over the world showing their different languages ​​and sensibilities, their talent and vision. However, something that artists really need, and what IndieFaves is also doing from its platform is showcasing our work to bigger audiences, connecting us with bigger potential customers. Giving their audience a taste of different ways of working in the contemporary landscape and ultimately offering them the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the masses. IndieFaves is giving consumers the ability to access any corner of the world where there is a jeweler who genuinely works with his hands to create out of the blue a piece that perhaps they will end up wearing, while genuinely enriching the whole process of experience and creation.

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May Gañán is a Madrid based contemporary jewelry artist and journalist.

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