How To Incorporate Contemporary Jewelry Into Your Everyday Style

Even for the most seasoned fashion professionals, trying to incorporate contemporary pieces into your everyday style can be a daunting task. It’s a difficult balance between showcasing a truly unique piece of jewelry and not feeling like a walking art exhibit. But as lovers of jewelry and all things artisan, at IndieFaves we've found a few tips and tricks that work for us. Here is a guide to seamlessly working contemporary jewelry into your current wardrobe--regardless of your personal style.

Use It As A Pop Of Color

Bring life to an otherwise one-dimensional outfit by adding a vibrant piece of jewelry, such as the Bronze Red Lips Necklace by May Gañán. While an all black ensemble serves as a great canvas, you can also switch it up by playing with opposing shades such as an orange top paired with a turquoise jewelry piece. Opposites really do attract. Try it! 

Red Lips Necklace Made of Cast Bronze on IndieFavesRed Lips Necklace - IndieFaves 

Saloni Jumpsuit Shown On IndieFavesSaloni Jumpsuit - ModaOperandi

Break Up A Pattern

Who doesn’t love a good print? We know we do. But with any pattern--be it stripes, plaid, or gingham--it is possible to have too much of a good thing? Break up a busy print by pairing it with an oversized jewelry piece, like this Steel Waterfall Necklace by Luis Sutil. 

Steel Waterfall Necklace Shown on IndieFaves

Steel Waterfall Necklace - IndieFaves

Vince Plaid Blouse Shown on IndieFaves
Vince Plaid Blouse - Shopbop

Play With Texture

Add some interest to your basic style by combining different materials and textures. The porcelain in this Blue Fragments Necklace by Anne Menzel makes a statement when paired with a fuzzy sweater or silky tank. But don’t stop there! You can also experiment with leather, denim, and chiffon.

Porcelain Blue Fragments Necklace On IndieFaves
Blue Fragments Necklace - IndieFaves


Tibi Sweater Shown On IndieFaves
Tibi Sweater - Net A Porter


Get Abstract

You may think abstract pieces, like this Remor Brooch by Gemma Canal, require relatively muted outfits, but the opposite is actually true! Choose an equally funky ensemble to elevate your accessories and take your look to a whole new level.

Brass Remor Brooch On IndieFaves
Brass Remor Brooch - IndieFaves


Zadie Turtleneck Shown On IndieFaves
Zadie Turtleneck - Nordstrom

Make It Your Centerpiece 

Some accessories, such as the Silver Big Dive Necklace by May Gañán, are such a statement that they only require a maxi dress or basic tee to create a complete outfit. Find the biggest and boldest piece of contemporary jewelry in your closet and dust them off, it's time to put these extraordinary pieces in the spotlight.

Silver Big Dive Necklace On IndieFavesSilver Big Dive Necklace - IndieFaves

Lisa Marie Midi Dress Shown on IndieFavesLisa Marie Midi Dress - Net A Porter

Have any more styling suggestions? Reach out to us at @indiefaves on Instagram or in the comment section below and let us know how you love to style your contemporary pieces!


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