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IndieFaves was created with a singular goal, to support and empower independent brands and provide them opportunities to connect with a global audience. While many small to mid-size designer brands are excellent with creativity and production, a lack of resources to adequately manage their marketing, their website, their visuals such as product or editorial photography or simply time constraints prevent them from reaching their full potential, resulting in missed revenue.

With ten plus years in the independent designer industry, the team behind IndieFaves first-hand experienced similar challenges and wanted to do something to bring the focus on the passion and effort placed by independent designers into their work. We wanted to bring the inspiration, personal stories and behind-the-scenes journeys of these designers, which are often as important as the piece of jewelry and clothing they have created, but aren’t always shared with the customers.

We wanted to bring you the inspiration, personal stories and behind-the-scenes journeys of independent designers

Customers today are extremely vested in the journey of an item. They want to be connected to the purchases they make, they want to learn more about the materials used, the processes involved. We felt that most of this extremely important information, which is an essential part of a brand’s or a designer’s story is never communicated to the buyer, and decided to change that. Independent designers put their heart and soul into their creations, and it is our mission to show the customers what it means to buy a handmade piece of artisan designer jewelry. It’s more than just an accessory--it’s creativity, innovation, and years of devotion to perfecting their craft. We find it so important to support independent makers and, by outlining a few of the main reasons why below, we hope to encourage everyone to do the same!


For independent designers a piece of jewelry is more than just an accessory--it’s creativity, innovation, and years of devotion to perfecting their craft.

When you shop from artisan retailers and designers, you can be proud of where your money’s going. Designers are extremely passionate about their craft and vision, often putting their own personal time, money, and resources into building a collection. If you like an artist or emerging designer’s creations, your support helps them create more in the future. You can be assured that the makers and suppliers receive fair compensation, and you’re supporting their local economies with every purchase.

Sterling Silver necklace created by IndieFaves designer

Another perk of purchasing independent artisan jewelry or apparel is that it’s more sustainable than buying items that are mass produced. For one, they don’t create the same detrimental environmental effects as items made in a factory and they don’t come at the expense of overlooked or mistreated workers. Some designers also make their craft more sustainable by purposefully adopting ethical platforms or practices, such as Lucia Hamilton of BluGrn designs who donates a portion of all proceeds towards protecting our Earth's oceans.

Artisan jewelry pieces also last longer, since materials are chosen for their quality and are put together with more expert and thoughtful craftsmanship. The amount of care that goes into lovingly crafting a designer piece of jewelry ensures that you are getting a piece that’s truly special with a story behind it. Having that kind of sentimental attachment to your jewelry makes it more likely to stand the test of time.

Last but not the least, jewelry and clothing collections created by emerging designers are often coveted for their uniqueness and exclusivity. When you purchase a handcrafted piece of jewelry, you know you’re receiving something that can’t be found in mainstream malls. The handcrafted nature and slow production cycle of independent designer jewelry means they’re produced in smaller quantities, which makes them more exclusive.


Supporting independent designers not only gives you a rare find, but each piece of jewelry is a celebration of the artist’s creativity.

Who are your favorite emerging designers and why do you find it important to shop handmade, ethically-created, unique items? Do you have a favorite on IndieFaves? Comment below or reach out to us on Instagram @IndieFaves. We love hearing from you!

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