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Difference Between Porcelain and Ceramic Jewelry

What Really Is The Difference Between Ceramic and Porcelain Jewelry? The big question is: What's the difference between Porcelain Jewelry and Ceramic Jewelry?  Answer is: Not much. However, in general, porcelain is harder than ceramic and offers greater design flexibility. Even though both materials are made from clay and other naturally occurring materials fired in a kiln, the clay used to make porcelain is more refined and purified. It's the perfect raw material for jewelry to provide style, movement and a contemporary look.  At IndieFaves we have a stunning collection of handmade modern, minimal and light porcelain jewelry by Ukraine's based designer Anne Menzel. SHOP ANNE MENZEL'S COLLECTION Feedback or Questions? Contact Us at IndieFaves is a fully-managed marketplace offering one-of-a-kind curated pieces from global independent...

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Is Renting Really The New Buying In Retail?

Is Renting Really The New Buying In Retail? SHAFAQ SAEED  Image: Ann Taylor Infinite Style Is renting really the new buying in retail? The answer according to me is not entirely, and that it really depends on each individual item, or experience that you are seeking. I don't think renting will ever replace purchases completely but in certain situations renting is the better option, and therefore having such options is definitely a plus for the consumers, and providing rental options along with the traditional sales model is good for businesses. Having spent a decade building software, I love innovation that promotes a change in consumer behavior and choices, or vice versa, which in the case of sharing or collaborative economy has completely transformed the transportation and...

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