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Making Art Accessible

Many of us may not be familiar, but art rentals have long been part of the lifestyle of the wealthy, who are frequently able to borrow expensive, even rare art pieces from museums, exhibits, galleries and often each other. With art rentals, our goals at IndieFaves is two-fold: Firstly, with retail being the next big industry to benefit from sharing economy trends, we want independent and emerging brands to be able to stay competitive, and have the same opportunities and ability to participate in this new economy as many well-known brands such as Ann Taylor and West Elm, who have embraced sharing economy and are now in the rentals space. The focus at IndieFaves has always been to innovate the industry and bring the type of opportunities to smaller designers that may not otherwise be available to them.

'Everyone should have access to great art irrespective of the price points'

The second goal with art rentals is to fill a gap in the industry. While there has been some activity around art rentals through independent art galleries and museums, we want to make art rentals mainstream. This not only means creating opportunities for artists on a larger scale, but it also means democratizing art rentals so that everyone can have access to pieces they may not otherwise be able to own or enjoy. In addition, we are also excited about providing convenient access to art rentals to stagers, productions companies, office buildings, furnished apartment renters, interior decoration and art enthusiasts etc. all of whom are frequently need of new and fresh art pieces.
'we want to make art rentals mainstream'
If the economics of supply and demand is what makes original art rare and expensive, the democratization of art, i.e. increasing access through rentals seems like the perfect solution so that one doesn’t have to be rich to be able to adopt a culturally rich lifestyle. Everyone should have access to great art irrespective of the price points, and supporting the indie design industry while doing so is definitely a bonus.
At the end of the day, everyone loves art in one form or another. There is a lot of beautiful work being created in this world to love and experience. As our personalities and tastes evolve, we should have the option to maintain our spaces accordingly and in an affordable manner.

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