Creative Concepts By IndieFaves

Why Creative Concepts?

The idea behind Creative Concepts is to bring you a new and more personalized design experience while highlighting the talents of independent artists from around the globe, as well as giving back to the community with every single purchase.

'We provide a personalized clothing design experience'

We believe that every print should tell a story. A story about you, your choices, your personality, and maybe even reflect your mood. Clothing is an extension of who you are, and prints can be a manifestation and a celebration of your uniqueness, which is why we are calling this fashion journal, 'Uniquely You'.

We are based on the idea of giving you the tools to create something which is uniquely you. While you get a chance to show off your personality and creative skills, everyone else involved in creating that personalized experience for you shares in the joy of making you a happy camper - after all no one said you couldn't wear poppies for camping.

'Be Uniquely You!'


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