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Germ by Melisa Mocue Jewelry

London based designer María Elisa creates unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry under her brand, 'Germ by Melisa Mocue'. Pieces from her collection cannot be reproduced and therefore are true collectors' items. From 24K Gold-Plates Brass to Sterling Silver, every single piece created by Maria is handmade. Maria's brand Germ Jewelry is truly rooted in the concept of using nature and it's flowing shapes for inspiration. Germ means 'seed' and therefore the name refers to the belief in the importance of nature and human imagination as a vehicle for creative ideas, as implied by the phrase 'A germ of an idea'. Maria's attraction to nature and her creativity combined with her exceptional fine-jewelry making skills result in beautiful wearable pieces of art.

Maria started her brand and the germ gallery to increase awareness about the important of independent jewelry makers and their craft. Independent jewelry designers deserve the same opportunities and visibility as established jewelry brands and Maria's mission is to share the handcrafted creations of independent designers as much as possible.