We are a mission-based enterprise driving the narrative in sustainability for the apparel, furniture and other consumer goods industries. Our sustainability-focused solution offers zero waste of unsold goods, and our technology-first approach to consumer goods manufacturing introduces radical changes in how consumer products are produced and sold.

Technology and innovation are not always a priority for emerging designer businesses, who are primarily focused on production and sales. Even though the traditional model for selling through expensive trade shows is no longer ideal, indie brands find the idea of change a bit destabilizing. This results in reverting back to the older, expensive and antiquated way of doing business.

Our focus is the utilization of innovative technology solutions and transforming how independent brands are connecting with a global audience.

We raise technology awareness among these brands, educating them on how technology is shifting the consumer goods industry and not only giving them a platform to adapt quickly and efficiently, but also giving them data and insights on make intelligent strategic decisions about their businesses. We want to help brands engage with emerging technologies in a more direct and simpler manner, thereby providing them greater opportunities to get in front of relevant consumers.

More than a service, we are providing an ecosystem for experimentation, creation and collaboration. We aim to provide the savvy global consumer a new and unique experience with buying products they will be using for years to come.