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Rent Jewelry - Bronze Shell Dangle Earrings
Rent Jewelry - Bronze Shell Dangle Earrings

BluGrn Designs

Bronze Shell Earrings

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Lucia Hamilton is a NYC based jewelry designer who takes inspiration from the earth and the oceans, donating a portion of her sales towards protecting the environment. Through her jewelry collections she aims to capture the beauty around us. The shell earrings are part of 'By The Sea' collection, which explores the realm where life began and reveals the beauty of the ocean's seaside treasures in metal form.

Cast in bronze with sterling posts, the intricate lines and textures perfectly capture the beauty of shells in the Shell Earrings. The two parts can be separated and the earrings can be worn as studs only, or as longer drop earrings.


Bronze, Sterling Silver
Finish: Textured
Size: Length is 2.4", Width is 1.1 "
Made in U.S.A - New York

    Product No: 60003


    (628) 400-7142