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Mara Colecchia - Cubism Earrings

Mara Colecchia

Coral and Lucite Beaded Cubism Earrings

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California based designer Mara Colecchia is inspired by contemporary art, by designers from the Bauhaus movement, and by ethnic ornaments from all over the world. Her collections include one-of-kind and vibrant pieces that are created by hand from repurposed vintage lucite beads from 1970, underlining Mara's dedication to sustainable jewelry.

These cubism earrings are a set of eccentric, quirky, fun and artistic drop earrings. Made from red and black coral beads and repurposed lucite beads from 1970, the earrings are mismatched, with the beads attached at different angles to create interesting shapes for each earring. This is also what makes each pair entirely unique. 

Please note that due to variations in beads, the actual product might slightly differ from the photos in color, length and shape, according to the look of natural coral beads available.


Coral beads, re-purposed lucite vintage beads, silver wire
Length is 2.5"
Made in Los Angeles - California

Product Code. 270005


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