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Susan Drews Watkins - Cunnieform Designer Necklace with Felt and Beads on IndieFaves

Susan Drews Watkins

Cuneiform Wool Felt Necklace with Beads

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California based designer Susan Drews Watkins creates jewelry that is simple, wearable and intriguing, inspiring close examination as curious art objects and fascinating jewelry. The Cuneiform Necklace is a perfect example of her style of jewelry-making. Inspired by the ancient Cuneiform form of writing, which was first developed in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago, the Cuneiform Wool Felt Necklace with Beads contains symbols found in Cuneiform that offer one or several meanings. 

The solid sterling silver choker-style chain is connected to a pendant containing a staggered design made of wool and beads. The central spinal beaded section is surrounded on top and bottom by wool (fibers) hand-needle felted directly onto the geometric metal form. The frame of the pendant is such that instead of the strong metal holding the centerpiece in prongs or a setting, the wool fibers entangle around the metal wires holding on to the metal form. Pair your necklace with the Cuneiform earrings to complete the look.


Oxidized Sterling Silver, Black Wool Felt, Black Spinal Beads
Hangs approx. 9.5", Pendant length is 4.25", Pendant width is 0.5" - 1"
Made in California - San Jose

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