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Linn Sigrid Bratland - Gold Geometric Necklace
Linn Sigrid Bratland - Gold Geometric Necklace Editorial
Geometric Necklace

Linn Sigrid Bratland

Geometric Necklace

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Norway based designer Linn Sigrid Bratland's minimal and sculptural collections are an interpretation of various traditional forms, materials, themes and techniques. Working with intricate details, she often looks for stories in history that inspire her collections. 

These gilded silver geometric necklace is part of the TUSENOGÉN collection, which is inspired by patterns from what is called ‘Karveskurd’ in Norwegian. The Karveskurd are simple geometric shapes and wood carvings that were etched into the walls of century old houses, and can still be seen in some of Norway’s oldest remaining wooden buildings.

The fascination with these patterns comes from the fact that they have been found all around the world, throughout history.

Handmade in the artist's studio, this gilded geometric necklace is made from 925 silver. The movable pendant is shaped in a unique geometric pattern, and includes a second wired geometric pattern inside. The chain can be adjusted to two lengths. This chain and pendant are perfect from everything from a casual jeans and T-shirt, to a sweater or even a dress. Buy with the studs to complete the set.


925 Silver
Pendant Length is 10mm, and Width is 10mm. The chain is adjustable to two lengths: 16 inches to 21 inches. 
Made in Norway - Edland

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