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May Ganan - The Big Dive Designer Necklace on IndieFaves
Model wearing May Ganan - The Big Dive Designer Necklace on IndieFaves

May Ganan

One-Of-A-Kind Silver Big Dive Necklace

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Spanish designer May Gañán is not only an artist and a jewelry designer, but in fact a storyteller. Her jewelry and paintings try to convey a poetic narrative made of colors, textures and shapes.

One-Of-A-Kind Silver Big Dive Necklace is a piece of wearable art. The designer has carefully thought through the emotions she wants to convey and the story she wants to tell with this piece.

Artist Statement on the Big Dive Necklace:

"It's been some years now since I've started working on the idea of women dreaming eyes closed. It is an open project I keep on working for, as there are so many dreams and I am an active dreamer myself. In this piece my dreamer is jumping into action, leaping naked into the ocean on a free dive, like the “Ama hut”, the traditional Japanese seekers of pearls. The silver forged sequence of bubbles represents the immersion while drawings on top of them show her energetic stroke to reach the depths. The last bubble depicts a hand about to catch what is revealed on the other side of the piece: a secret organic gem hidden from sight, just visible from the inside of the necklace which will always be in touch with the body. It is a kind of treasure, a jet setting, a material from the cretaceous period. “The big dive” is precisely that, an immersion to the depths of our souls in search of memory, the essence of what we are all made of." - May Gañán

Five hand-drawn and hand-painted silver and resin bubbles, linked with a silk ribbon are attached to a hand woven silk ribbon chain.

This is the perfect Collector's piece for anyone who appreciates art, music, poetry, jewelry, design and story-telling. 


Silver, Sari Silk Ribbon, Watercolor, Ink, Resin
Height of the bubbles is 0.40" to 1.20", Width of the bubbles is 1.60" to 2.50", Necklace Length is 36". Ribbon length is 25", Pendant length is 10". Hangs at approximately 34"
Made in Spain - Madrid

Product No. 70009


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