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Abreme DespacioOne Of A Kind Silver Bottle Designer Necklace and Pendant with Swarovski Crystals on IndieFaves

Abreme Despacio

One-Of-A-Kind Silver Bottle Necklace with Swarovski Crystals

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Known for their contemporary and quirky jewelry, Madrid-based designers behind the independent label Abreme Despacio keep their jewelry collections fresh and innovative with unique and creative designs.

The Silver Bottle necklace and pendant with Swarovski crystals is a handmade, one-of-a-kind, collector's jewelry piece and cannot be reproduced. 

A small crystal bottle has been recycled and filled with silver stones and Swarovski crystals. The bottle is attached to a silver chain and is suspended inside a silver rectangular ring. Wear it with a plain dress, blouse or sweater for the maximum effect.


Crystal Bottle, Silver Shots, Swarovski Crystals, Chain & Silver Ring
Hangs at approx. 13". Pendant Length is 3", Width is 1.25". Bottle+Needle Length is 3.25", Bottle Width is 0.50"
Made in Spain - Madrid

    This is a wearable art piece.

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