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Linn Sigrid Bratland  - Enamel ROM Designer Necklace on IndieFaves
Model wearing Linn Sigrid Bratland  - Enamel ROM Designer Necklace on IndieFaves

Linn Sigrid Bratland

Silver and Turquoise Enamel Double ROM Necklace

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Norway-based designer Linn Sigrid Bratland's diverse collections represent everything from masquerade silver earrings to brightly colored enamel necklaces and earrings. Folk-art and folklore are fundamental to Linn's collections and many of her pieces are inspired by traditional forms, materials, themes and techniques.

The handcrafted double silver ROM necklace consists of two enamelled curved petal-shaped pendants attached to a silver chain. Every piece in this collection is forged before applying the enamel so no two pieces are exactly alike. This collection is inspired by old scent containers, or pomanders, which were used to protect the superstitious, and their specific shape enhanced the magical effect. It gives us a glimpse into a world, and a time, that is now long forgotten.


925 Silver, Enamel
Pendants are is 1.5" long.
Made in Norway - Edland

Product Code. 250007


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