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Linn Sigrid Bratland  -  Silver Maskerade Earrings
Silver Maskerade Earrings
Silver Maskerade Earrings

Linn Sigrid Bratland

Silver Maskerade Earrings

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Norway-based designer Linn Sigrid takes inspiration from the mountainous and scarcely inhabited landscape around her. Her surroundings combined with her background in folk-art and folklore are fundamental to her designs, as she freely interprets these traditional forms, materials, themes and techniques and converts them into beautiful artful jewelry.

The Maskerade enamelled earrings are part of the designers' Maskerade Collection. This award-winning line of jewelry is inspired by old traditional silver. Placing faces or masks on jewelry is a age-old fascinating phenomenon found in all cultures, and gives a timeless quality to the piece of jewelry.

Maskerade is unisex jewelry collection. 

The silver and enamel square earrings display the contours of a human face, covered by a thin layer of transparent matte enamel.


925 Sterling Silver, Enamel
Length is 1" , Width is 1"
Made in Norway - Edland

Product Code. 230002


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