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Andrea Rosales - Hand-painted Sterling Silver and Watercolor 82nd and 5th Ver. 2 Earrings

Andrea Rosales

Hand-Painted Sterling Silver and Watercolor 82nd and 5th Earrings

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Designer Andrea Rosales's work is an exploration of the relationship between environment and identity, illustrating individual experiences and stories to further research identity and space. Through the use of watercolor on resin, she makes hand-painted jewelry that in a whimsical and playful way depict moments of her time spent in New York.

This unique set of Sterling Silver and Watercolor earrings are a visual presentation of Andrea's experience of near  82nd and 5th, after a visit to the Met Museum of Art.

These fun earrings are accompanied with a print of original study painting.


Sterling Silver, Resin, Watercolor
Left: Length is 0.75", Width is 1", Thickness is 2mm
Right: Length is 1.75", Width is 0.25", Thickness is 2mm
Made in New Hope - Pennsylvania

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