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Sterling Silver Half Circle Designer Necklace on IndieFaves
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Sterling Silver Half Circle Necklace

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Handmade in Virginia by designer Emma Lalumandier, the half circle necklace is a sustainable piece of jewelry made from recycled sterling silver.

The pendant is shaped like a golden half-moon, suspended from a sterling silver contemporary chain. Two thin linear spears are attached on top of the half-moon pendant, showcasing a contrast of colors, shapes and textures and giving it a sculptural silhouette.

The necklace is beautifully crafted with love as is evident by it's flawless finish. This necklace is a perfect gift for anyone who loves modern and minimal jewelry.


Sterling Silver, Reclaimed Sterling Silver
Brushed Satin
Length is 24", Half Golden Circle has a Diameter of 2"
Made in U.S.A - Virginia

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