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Sterling Silver Knot Designer Necklace on IndieFaves

Abreme Despacio

Sterling Silver Knot Necklace

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Spanish designer brand Abreme Despacio's collections are meant to enhance the soul, and bring positive energy. 

The knot in their 'KNOT' collections  emphasizes patience, affection, strength and fire. The knot represents patience and affection while the strength and fire are derived from the practice of molding the silver by hand to achieve the knot. "We all have in our hearts an old knot that we want to loosen and undo." Mina's Journey” (2011), Michael Ondaatje

The adjustable sterling silver necklace is made entirely by hand using a seamless silver thread.


Sterling Silver
Hangs approximately 6", Pendant length is 2.25", Width is 4.5"
Made in Spain - Madrid

Product No. 190011


(628) 400-7142