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Sterling Silver with Diamonds Wafer Designer Cuff on IndieFaves

Ayesha Studio

*Sterling Silver with Diamonds Wafer Cuff

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Ayesha Mayadas's fine jewelry pieces focus on the relationship between a line, form, weight and balance. As evident in the curved shape of this creased cuff, movement and fluidity are key elements of Ayesha's jewelry pieces. 

The Sterling Silver and Diamonds Wafer Cuff has a minimal aesthetic enhanced by seven carefully placed shimmering white diamonds set on each end of the cuff. The soft creased fabric-like texture gives this handmade cuff a unique quality. 


Sterling Silver, Diamonds-0.14 ct tw
Creased fabric-like texture
Thickness is 1.5"
Made in U.S.A - New Jersey

Note: Made-to-order pieces ship in 2 to 4 weeks.

Product No. 20005


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