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Wood and Glass Frida Designer Earrings on IndieFaves
Wood and Glass Frida Earrings on IndieFaves


Wood and Glass Frida Earrings

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Georgia based brand KIMILI Jewerly specializes in Cloisonné Enamel jewelry. KIMILI’s ambition is to bring awareness to the ancient art of Georgian cloisonné enamel jewelry, crafted with ancient techniques and persevered through generations.

The unique hand-painted wood secured behind a protective glass makes these earrings a special find. The wood is delicately hand-painted in the cloisonné enamel jewelry technique in vibrant shades of red and green, featuring Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo. The earrings are painted in vibrant and bold colors to match Frida's artistic style.

Each piece of KIMILI jewelry is purely handmade which makes each item unique and different. The light earrings will bring a pop of color and personality to any outfit.


Wood and Glass
Length is 3", Width is 1.25"
Made in Georgia - Tbilisi

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